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Innovating for a greener built environment

At Anavitor, inspired by our parent company Nordic BIM Group, we envision a world where the construction and real estate sectors not only embrace but thrive in the complexity of digital solutions. We see a future where these industries utilize the full potential of data from BIM for environmental sustainability. Our vision is to bridge the gap between different professions, enabling a comprehensive in-depth Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) with BIM data at its core. We are dedicated to transforming the built environment by leveraging the strengths of Nordic engineering and fostering global sustainability and scalable business solutions, thus leading the charge towards a more sustainable, data-driven future in construction and real estate.

Empowering sustainable decisions through digital excellence

Our mission at Anavitor is to empower professionals worldwide with digital tools that drive sustainable decisions and foster environmental responsibility. We leverage the expertise of the Nordic BIM Group to offer solutions like Anavitor LCA, aligning with global market needs for efficiency and sustainability in building design and management. Our commitment is to lead the industry in realizing the transformative power of technology, from enhancing efficiency and productivity to recognizing and reducing environmental impacts. We strive to facilitate collaboration and innovation across the value chain, helping companies to meet regulations and standards. Our mission extends to supporting the growth of Nordic engineering and construction industries, fostering new sustainable and scalable export businesses that contribute significantly to the global effort in meeting climate targets
Our Story: The Anavitor Journey

Embark on a journey through Anavitor's history with our founder, Jan-Anders Jönsson. Discover how what began as a pioneering research project transformed into a leading force in sustainable building practices. Our story starts with a groundbreaking idea at IVL, a swedish research institute, where the initial concept for our innovative LCA tool was born. This project not only received acclaim as one of the most innovative solutions in the field but also set the stage for a significant collaboration with Skanska.

Under Jan-Anders's guidance, Anavitor emerged from these collaborative efforts as one of the first fully digital BIM and LCA calculation software platforms. He shares the exciting milestones and vision that have shaped Anavitor, detailing our ascent from an ambitious research initiative to a leader in sustainable construction technology. This narrative, told through Jan-Anders's experiences, offers a unique glimpse into the passion and perseverance that drive Anavitor's commitment to revolutionizing sustainable building practices.

"A good rule is that if you can calculate a price in the form of a calculation, you can also do an LCA on it."
Jan-Anders Jansson
Jan-Anders JönssonFounder, Anavitor


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